The magazine Limba, literatura, folclor applies the method of peer review – the evaluation of each article by two independent referents designated by the editorial board. For a complex evaluation, there has been elaborated the Review form that offers the reviewer the possibility to express one’s opinion about the standard criteria (the structure of the scientific article, language style, graphical presentation, scientific quality of the material presented for publication) demanded for a scientific article.

The editorial board ensures the anonymous process of the review and sends the article and the Review form to the reviewers in electronic form, without any mention that may hint at the authors identity. Similarly the author doesn’t know who evaluates his study.

The article is accepted if both reviews are positive. If the two referents have different opinions regarding an article, a third referent is introduced. In case if it is considered that the article needs to be modified, the text is sent back to the author with the necessary recommendations. If both reviewers give a negative review, the article is rejected. The authors shall comply with the reviewers’ opinion. The author of the rejected article has the right to submit for publication other articles or an improved version of the rejected article for the next issue of the magazine.

The authors shall receive the result of the evaluation.

  1. a) to be recommended for publication

     2. b) to be recommended for publication by making the recommended edits and modifications

     3. c) not to be recommended for publication

Criteria of evaluation of the article

 1) the focus of the content on fundamental and applied scientific problems of large interest

2) content originality and quality

3) content suitable with the magazine profile

4) adequate formulation of the article title

5) respecting the adequate structure of a scientific article

6) respecting the norms for editing the bibliographical notes (relevant sources).